Why I roast 🍗

And why it might not be right for you

I've worked as freelance digital marketer for leading funded startups, a product lead for one of the world's biggest publishers, and the founder of a B2C website that generated over 1,500,000 unique users a month. But I've never been as happy working as I am with my productised service, Roast My Landing Page.

In my past roles I was often frustrated by endless subjective debates, long vanity meetings, muddled objectives, and lack of focus.

Roast My Landing Page allows me to work with enthusiastic founders, affordably guiding them to showcase their early-stage business in the most powerful ways possible, but on my terms.

Here's what I learnt about myself over the 20 years of my career.

I love the early stages of building a business, the validation, the rapid reporting and experimentation, the thrilling feeling of learning what does and doesn't work for that audience and product.

I feel caged by excessive processes, shifting requirements, increasing scope and lack of focus. And once things hit their stride, things are operating smoothly, and the pace slows, I tend to lose interest.

That's why I founded Roast My Landing Page.

I can offer a specific solution for a common but fixable founder pain for a fair price. I can help 100s of passionate founders a year on my own terms.

My landing page roasts focus on the biggest conversion opportunities for early stage founders, in a proven, defined and 100% transparent structure.

Users know exactly what they're getting, book and pay for a roast, answer 8 specific questions, and leave me to roast their page for conversion fixes.

I respond with a personalised 20 minute video audit that follows a super-refined but proven standardised structure in 48 hours.

I run a business I love, within the boundaries I set, and clients get access to my years of experience in the most distilled and actionable form.

What a roast is

Quick changes and testing. Learning through doing and measuring in short, lean sprints. Being happy at 80%. No contracts, no bureaucracy, no multi-stage sign off. Async communication. Fair price point. In line with my values and how I work best. Refined based on feedback.

What a roast isn't

Long phone calls, long sign offs, unaffordable, subjective opinions, long-winded projects, unpaid invoice follow ups, massive statements of work and creeping scopes.

I've now delivered 150 5-star roasts. It's not for everyone but it works for me and my customers.

Is it right for you?

Yes... if you're someone who likes to work lean, focus on what matters most, and happy to pay and trust an expert to do a good job.

If you're action-oriented and can turn my advice into a plan of action. And if you're open to testing the ideas, to learn.

If you think we're a good fit, I'd love to roast your landing page.