[ROAST] 5 techniques ScrapingBee uses for a high-converting landing page

5 techniques ScrapingBee uses for a high-converting landing page

[ROAST] 5 techniques ScrapingBee uses for a high-converting landing page

Time for something different.

Rather than cruelly deconstruct a startup's failings in the form of my patented landing page roast, I want to celebrate a startup taking landing page conversion seriously.

I discovered ScrapingBee's website as I was crawling Indie Hackers for more pages to take down. In this deep dive into the landing page elements, I showcase what they're getting right.

Emotional framing of the problem

The buyers' problem and solution are clearly and precisely defined. The use of 'tired' resonates emotionally. It captures the pain and frustration of the buyers' current process. The right buyer persona would emphatically answer "Yes. I am."

Removal of doubt

Am I going to have to pay for this? Will they want my credit card? ScrapingBee makes it explicitly clear that they offer a free, no-credit card needed trial. Removing doubt and friction when deciding whether to click the site's core CTA.

Inline testimonials

Testimonials are a form of social proof and increase the desire for people to click through and sign up to your product. There were a few things that I liked about the SB execution of testimonials. They were concise and focused on the product's USP, they were visual, and they were inline and spaced throughout the page.

Use cases

When users have to think 'how can I use this' or 'does this help me' we put the pressure on them to translate your product to their use case. This is one of the main reasons for I recommend multiple landing pages for different use cases. If you were talking to potential buyers one-on-one would you give them specific details that click with them, or the generic pitch? Use cases get the visitor to the aha moment more quickly.

Increased trust

These simple founder bios offer credibility, put a face to their names, and generally increase legitimacy and trust Newer startups may not have accreditations or awards, but detailed founder bios infer competency to the visitor - especially when written like those on ScrapingBee.

Watch my video review of the landing page

As a reminder, my core belief around landing pages that convert is that we need to increase the users' desire to try the product and remove or reduce doubts they may have [which I often call friction]. We can imagine these as two competing forces. There are both universal, and persona/product-dependent strategies, we can use to realise our conversion goal.

Here's a video-in-video review highlighting what impressed me on ScrapingBee landing page - including a few things not detailed in this post.

If you're interested, SB told me their website landing page builder is Landen.