Why is my landing page not converting? 8 things to check first

Why is my landing page not converting? 8 things to check first
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You want to know why your landing page isn't converting. The answers should be obvious, but you're struggling to make changes and life sign ups. Let's run though a few things you need to consider, including a couple you might have missed.

It is. Your expectations are too high

Perhaps your landing page is actually converting in line with industry averages. Many SaaS founders are surprised to learn that most SaaS landing pages only convert 3% of visitors, with 97% leaving without acting. So if you're expectation is to convert 50% of visitors, lower it.

Fix it: lower your expectations

You have a sense it's not - but you're not measuring

This is common. After roasting 800 SaaS landing pages I can tell you that many founders have a 'sense' their page isn't converting - but they're not measuring visitors, sign ups or demo requests. They see an empty inbox and assume something isn't right. But without analytics it's not possible to identify conversion issues.

Fix it: start measuring key metrics with a tool like PostHog

The traffic you're sending isn't relevant

You can follow every single landing page best practice, anatomy guide and 'top tip' but if you are sending the wrong visitors to your landing page, it will never, ever convert. Reflect on your ads audience targeting? Is this the right audience for your SaaS?

You can also use an on-site survey to understand the traffic currently visiting your website, and re-work your messaging for them.

Fix it: define your ideal customer, target them in your ads

Your traffic is cold

Your landing page is too slow

Slow websites = lower conversion. Use Google's tools to understand your landing page performance and improve it. Aim to load your page in less than 1 second.

Your landing page isn't clear

Your landing page language is too complex