I’ve roasted 850 landing pages in 2.5 years. Here are the 15 most common mistakes (and how to fix them)

Mistake 1: No pain

Explanation: The visitor does have the problem you solve. But doesn’t feel the pain acutely and leaves

Fix it: Use the pain-agitate-solution framework to evoke the pain and drive conversion


Mistake 2: Objections not addressed

Explanation: The visitor has objections and doubts but they’re not addressed

Fix it: Review FAQs / support tickets and ensure common doubts are answered early on your page


Mistake 3: Lack of social proof or bad social proof

Explanation: The visitor doesn’t trust you or your proof isn’t relevant or authentic

Fix it: add testimonials to your landing page in multiple places. Tools like Senja.io make it easy to collect testimonials and add them to your website.


Mistake 4: Not speaking to visitors

Explanation: You’ve not asked visitors why they didn’t convert so how can you improve?

Fix it: Add an exit intent survey and ask people leaving what was missing


Mistake 5: Don’t know how your page is performing

Explanation: You don’t know your LP conversion rate but you’re spending time updating it anyway

Fix it: Add @posthog to measure conversion performance and identify opportunities


Mistake 6: Complex language

Explanation: Your page language is complex and conversion decreases as a result.

Fix it: Use plain language, remove buzzwords and initialisms, test with @toolforlanguage


Mistake 7: Messaging is unclear

Explanation: Your page has no clear who / what / why but you’re still expecting people to convert

Fix it: Add who you product is for, what it is and why they need BEFORE the first CTA


Mistake 8: No USP language

Explanation: You sound like every other product in the space. Visitors cannot compare you

Fix it: Add comparison language like “the only product to… ” or use comparison tables


Mistake 9: All tell, no show

Explanation: Your page is only benefits language and unsupported text claims

Fix it: Add interactive demos, product animations, walkthroughs and case studies to evidence what you’re saying


Mistake 10: Centred on you, not your visitor

Explanation: Your page is focused on your business, not your visitor and their problem

Fix it: Add ‘you / your’ language, and prioritise your visitor over and over again.


Mistake 11: Poor clarity and walls of text

Explanation: Your page is difficult to scan so visitors lose interest

Fix it: Add headings to each section, break up walls of text, support with visuals


Mistake 12: Missing CTA

Explanation: The visitor likes what you do but there’s not CTA nearby when they’re ready to convert

Fix it: Lock your CTA to your menu (especially on mobile) so it’s ALWAYS available


Mistake 13: Horrible demo booking page

Explanation: Visitor’s interested, has gone to book a demo, form doesn’t convert

Fix it: Use this example Calendly before and after

Mistake 14: Social proof is inauthentic

Explanation: The visitor likes your product but your testimonials look faked and inauthentic

Fix it: Text testimonials = good. Video testimonials and social media mentions = conversion gold. Add them to your website with a tool like Senja.io


Mistake 15: Hard to get setup

Explanation: The visitor likes your product but worries setup is too complex

Fix it: Offer templates, how to guides, and concierge migration


I also manually audited 150 startup landing pages. 

CTA colour and language, use of social proof, length, sign up fields, load times and more:

Download free here: https://landingpageroasts.gumroad.com/l/landing-page-audit