Landing page checklist

A landing page checklist. Make sure you review every point on this visual landing page checklist to ensure the best chance of success.

Landing page checklist

You're looking for a landing page checklist.

If you're publishing a new SaaS landing page or making changes to your current one, I'm here to help. Make sure you review every point on this visual landing page checklist to ensure the best chance of building a high-converting landing page.

This guide includes loads of ideas you might want to consider, from the page anatomy, to page load time, to your sign up form and testing. Add this blog to your favourites and ensure you come back regularly to review your new landing page pages.

Key areas to review on the landing page checklist


  • Are you targeting the right audience? Your landing page won't convert if the wrong people are visiting it. That's why this is the first question on your landing page checklist.


  • Is the page structure conversion focused? Follow the tips on the checklist to ensure the landing page anatomy is conversion focused.


  • Does the page load quickly? Quicker load times = higher conversion.


  • Is your copy focused on turning visitors into customers? Have you avoided complex language and written for clarity and simplicity?

Calls to action

  • Does your visitor know what to do when they're ready to sign up? Have you made it clear? Is it the right time to ask the visitor to complete the action.

Sign up

  • Is your sign up form effective? Review the checklist to make sure.


  • Are you set-up to learn and measure your new landing page? We cannot improve your page without measuring its performance. Review this part of the checklist to ensure you have best-practice measurement set up.

Once you've published your new landing page, use this massive free resource to get your first users onto it.


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