Get more demo requests! Use these 5 request-a-demo page examples for inspiration

Get more demo requests! Use these 5 request-a-demo page examples for inspiration

Want to turn more visitors into customers? Then you're going to need to secure more leads on demo calls. Here's how, explained with 5 annotated examples.

When a visitor views your 'request a demo' page they are showing buying intent. They are visiting to explore the option of reaching out to you. This means they've read your landing page or ad and they are likely qualified and interested. So it's critical your 'request a demo' page works hard to get them to enter their details and hit submit.

From the clients I've worked with, conversion from page visit to demo booked on a 'request a demo' page can vary from 5% to 90%, so it's critical you follow best practice, and test your page, like the startups I've detailed below.

I've included screen grabs and explanations of the techniques they've used to increase conversion - many similar to landing page conversion.

Let me know if they inspire your demo page design and if you're still not sure, book a roast of your demo page.

Request a demo page
Also known as: book a demo, get a demo, book a call, live demo, schedule demo

Sleeknote's 'request a demo' page

One of my favourite 'request a demo' pages, and one I've highlighted many times before. I particularly like the one-field sign up which allows Sleeknote to contact you if you don't go on to book the demo. See it here.

Chargebee's 'request a demo' page

Chargebee focuses on the fact that it's your demo, personalised for your workflow and pain-points. This addresses visitors' doubts that they'll receive a generic sales pitch. See it here.

Drift's 'get a demo' page

A unique book a demo format: Drift uses its own chatbot functionality to help you book a demo - so by booking a demo, you are actually demo-ing their tool. Meta. See it here.

Podia's 'live demo' page

If you are fielding a large number of demo requests, consider moving to group demos - like Podia. They offer a weekly live demo with the founder and use urgency language to convert. See it here.

Perkbox's 'request a demo' page

Perkbox uses strong social proof to close more demo requests. You can see a quantification of the customer numbers, and client logos. There's also a success story and end user reviews from TrustPilot. See it here.

How to increase demo requests: testing your page

  • Check the current conversion rate of your demo page
  • That is the per cent of visitors to the page who go on to book a demo
  • Test changes to your page based on the examples
  • Review performance, and refine regularly

Other ways to book more SaaS demos

  • Consider embedding your request a demo form into your landing page
  • This reduces friction for the visitor by reducing the clicks and page loads required to book a demo
  • Use tools that route demo requests so people can get a demo sooner
  • Follow up on demo requests quickly. Leads go cold fast. Start by warming up the lead with your strongest and most useful marketing assets directly after booking
  • Allow visitors to opt-in to a demo when downloading a lead magnet
  • Alternatively, promote your demo CTA, or other links on your lead magnet 'thank you' page. See this visually


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