What is the definition of landing page conversion rate?

Defined: landing page conversion rate.

What is the definition of landing page conversion rate?

Your landing page conversion rate is the percentage of people who visit your landing page who go on to sign up for your product or service.

This is known as your acquisition conversion rate, as signing up to your product means a visitor has been acquired.

After this, you have your conversion to activation. This means the visitor has signed up and used your product in a meaningful way. You need to define what *meaningful* is.

Then you also have:

Conversion to retention -> signed up, used product meaningfully, is returning

Conversion to paid -> signed up, used product meaningfully, returning, and upgraded to paid account (when your product has a free trial)

When calculating landing page conversion rate, you want to remove any existing users, as you are only interested in the behaviour of people who havenโ€™t yet signed up.

Landing page conversion rate is impacted by two things - how relevant your traffic is (ie the quality of the visitor), and how your landing page performs. This is defined by elements including the copy, layout, and social proof.

If you improve the conversion rate of your landing page your marketing ROI will improve at the same rate. All work spent driving visitors to the site will be more effective. Therefore itโ€™s critical to ensure your landing page is high converting.

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