Landing page conversion calculator

Landing page conversion calculator

Want to calculate your landing page conversion rate? I can help. I've built this landing page conversion calculator to help you calculate your conversion rates.

About landing page conversion rates

People use the phrase "landing page conversion rate" to mean many different things. But on most cases they are either talking about

  • people who visit and sign up
  • people who visit, sign up, activate, and upgrade

I've split this out in the calculator to make it 100% clear.

This calculator is built for SaaS companies that have a free trial. You will need to know the following numbers from your analytics to begin your calculations:

Visitors to your landing page

How many people visit your landing page in 30 days. You need to detail unidentified users, as anyone who is already registered and identified is unable to convert. A good example is a person who is visiting to login. You can also use any time period, as long as you use it for all the numbers.

Sign ups for a free trial

These are people who complete the sign up flow aka your registration.

Free trial to activated user

These are sign ups who go on to use your product in a meaningful way. The reason this metric is so powerful is because nobody will pay to upgrade in the next step, unless they have activated. This seems very logical but most founders miss this.

Paying customers

This is the number of paying customers for your product.

The SaaS conversion funnel from visites to upgrades

Want to see how your landing page compares? Use my guide to landing page conversion benchmarks. How can you get new visitors to your startup landing page? Here's a directory of 100 ideas for your first users.

What landing page conversion formula are you using?

To avoid complicated calculations, the calculator breaks each stage down. Β