Agitating your landing page visitor sounds like a really stupid thing to do, but it's a proven persuasion technique. It can help turn more visitors into customers. Here's how leading SaaS startups use PAS (pain - agitate - solution) to drive conversion.

Here's what you need to know first

Your visitor has a pain currently, which they may or may not be aware of. Most likely they have some frustration. And it's compelling enough for them to be on your landing page already. Your job is to define that pain and then agitate it in your visitor.

Here's how

  1. Use emotional language to amplify and agitate the feeling of that pain in the visitor right now.
  2. This will move the visitor into the solution stage. Their desire will be to sedate the pain and become more comfortable.
  3. This means they are more likely to explore your, solution in front of them. Which increases the chance of them converting.

Examples of landing page agitation in practice

Agitation: the tedium, hassle and worry of paperwork for freelancers.


Agitation: Everything is messy, stakeholders are confused, you feel stressed and overwhelmed.


Savvycal agitates the visitor pain in the landing page headline, founder letter and testimonials Agitation: Currently you feel *weird* sharing your scheduling link.


Agitation: you're overwhelmed with things to do and filled with doubt, you want to hire the best.


Contra gracefully agitates the visitor while drawing contrasts with their new way of doing things. Agitation: networking sucks, spam-filled newsfeeds suck, CVs are outdated. There's a better way.


Twobird agitates the visitor throughout their landing page copy to drive conversion. Agitation: Tasks are scattered, it's frustrating having to switch, you're missing things, there's too much clutter.


Agitation: Managers feel alone and unsupported. You're struggling to manage your team.


An awesome example of agitating the visitor. It's impossible not to get excited by their Hero copy Agitation: You're part of a broken system, no one cares unless you make them money, give up.


Jetboost doesn't hold back, using charged emotional language to agitate. Agitation: a blackhole of time: broken zaps, frustrating errors and wasted hours.


Agitates the pain and immediately showcases how doopoll can help. Agitation: webinars suck and the pandemic's made it worse.


Empathy and agitation help drive conversion. Agitation: it's really hard to grow a business, your to-do list is massive, and you've got more important things to worry about than rev ops.

Key take away. Remember this...

PAS (pain agitate solution) is a proven technique to increase conversion on your landing page. Evoke your visitors' pain and grow their urgency to find a solution.

Remember to engage empathy, use emotional language, and share compelling stories with strong visuals. Then present your product as the solution.