High converting SaaS landing pages

Turn your meh SaaS landing page into a high-conversion machine with this simple guide.

High converting SaaS landing pages
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The difference between a good landing page and a bad one? Conversion rate. The goal of a SaaS landing page is to turn visitors into sign ups - also known as user acquisition. A high-converting landing page does this really well.

But what is the actual difference between a standard SaaS landing page and a high-converting one? Let's find out.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is any marketing page you send a potential user to, with the aim of getting them to sign up (or act in another way). Traditionally this is a home page, request-a-demo page, a lead magnet page, or a conversion-focused version of your homepage (built for your ads).

What is landing page conversion rate?

Visit my post for a definition of a landing page conversion rate.

What is high-converting?

So, what per cent of visitors do we have to turn into customers to consider our landing page high converting? The truth is, the number varies by industry, page type, and marketing channel. In fact, there are 100s of theories and interpretations of this question.

However for most SaaS companies, 5% or above could be considered high converting.

Again, we're referring to the number of visitors that sign up. Not what happens to these sign ups later. This falls under the rest of your user life cycle and includes activation, feature adoption + retention, referral and revenue.

Read more about landing page conversion rates.

Why do different marketing channels convert differently?

Simply, visitors from different channels have different intent.

As an example, someone who has searched Google Ads for a product that you offer is currently solution oriented, versus someone who saw your ad on Facebook while looking up pictures of their ex.

Dependent on channel, your conversion rates may be anything from 0.5% to 10%.

How do I calculate my landing page conversion?

I've created a landing page conversion calculator that will help you calculate the current conversion rate of your landing pages.

High converting landing page examples

Here's 8 great examples of high-converting SaaS landing pages from leading SaaS landing pages. Each one comes with annotations explaining the specific techniques used to lift conversion.

You can use these examples to help you make changes to your own landing page.

How to improve your landing page to increase conversion

There are 100s of techniques you can use to improve your landing page and increase conversion. I should know, as I've roasted over 800 SaaS landing pages.

However, here I am going to walk you through some of the basics concepts for SaaS landing page conversion.

  1. Understand current performance
  2. Ask visitors why they're leaving: exit intent
  3. Don't break rules
  4. Review key landing page sections, also known as your landing page anatomy
  5.  The hero
  6.  Social proof
  7.  Introducing your product
  8.  Copy
  9.  CTAs
  10. Using a template
  11. Make your changes
  12. Measure how it impacts conversion

Using a SaaS landing page template

One shortcut to creating a high-converting SaaS landing page is to use a landing page template.

Creators of templates have data from 100s of customers which they can use to review performance and refine their templates. Look for a proven template as a starting point and you'll have a massive head start over others.