The landing page optimisation process

All good founders know your landing page building and strategy are an ongoing marketing experiment. The performance of your landing pages is critical as it impacts the performance of expensive marketing work - whether thats paid performance marketing, or community engagement.

When running any marketing experiment the key is to get to insights as quickly as possible. Use this stage to inform and then test frequent changes and refinements to your landing page with the aim improve your landing conversion.

Here is a lean cycle of work that should get you

  • Create - build your landing page or new changes, fast
  • Launch - launch them and send traffic
  • Review and Measure - this is the good stuff, what are we learning?
  • Refine - define new actions, and start again
Work through this cycle as quickly as possible. Focus on measuring and experimentation!

The quicker your speed through this cycle, the faster you'll gather insights, the more experiments you can run, and the quicker your conversion rate will improve.

This is my complete guide building a SaaS landing page.

Create or make changes to your landing page

This is the production of your landing page, pre-launch.

  • Create a v1 of your landing page
  • Make changes to your landing page

Launch your landing page or changes

This stage includes:

  • Launching your landing page
  • Launching a landing page AB test
  • Launching best practice changes

Measure and review your landing page performance

  • Review the performance of your changes
  • Split by traffic sources
  • Do we see more conversions?
  • Do we see better engagement indicators?
  • Should we put this live?
  • If your AB test passes you can put these live
  • If it doesn't, time to try something new
  • We should also create a backlog of experiments
  • Start with bigger experiments
  • Move to smaller refinements
  • If none of your experiments are failing then you're not working


  • Based on the review? What should try next?
  • Should we make further changes?
  • Should we put the current page live