8 landing page conversion killers (and how to fix them)

Landing page not converting? Here's 8 conversion killers you need to fix on your startup's landing page

8 landing page conversion killers (and how to fix them)
  • Copy that doesn't click
  • Poor (or no) use cases
  • Lack of social proof

A great landing page increases your visitors' desire to try your product, through clicking your CTA and completing sign up, and reduces friction, by successfully removing any doubts they may have. Does yours?

I've roasted over 150 landing pages and see 8 common conversion killers time and time again.

In this video I identify 8 of the most common conversion killers that are stopping you from turning visitors into users. And users into revenue. Each conversion killer comes with a tip or idea to fix it.

Follow the advice and you'll be so busy you'll need to work weekends. Sorry.

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