[ROAST] Tella's beautiful landing page

[ROAST] Tella's beautiful landing page

Tella is a Loom or Vidyard alternative with two key differences. 1. many more filming, layout and background options 2. Filming with clips - allowing you to record them once, and re-use and remix them, so you can scale.

They also have a beautiful landing page. First, click here to view it and then read on to find out what you can learn from it.

What I love... the benefits-based headline

  • Like last week's headline from Bannerbear, Tella focuses on the fact you can send personalised videos at scale
  • This is a benefit of the tool, although we're yet to learn how Tella achieves it

Product (and benefits explained)

  • The subheading gets into the product itself: record video in your browser
  • 'Personalisation at scale' benefit evidenced by introducing Clips
  • And more benefits - 'save hours each week' and 'videos that convert'

Address doubts

  • The most common doubt of visitors to SaaS pages - how much?
  • Tella addresses this in the CTA. Nice and simple

Show not tell

  • If your SaaS creates something for the user, visitors want to see it
  • This is show not tell
  • Don't explain why your videos are amazing - show me one, like Tella

Support claims with testimonials

  • Make awesome claims on your landing page: like Tella's stand out
  • Then back them up with testimonials
  • Tella supports its claims with customer testimonials, like this:

You can't just list benefits

  • Visitors often want certain features from your product
  • Benefits are great, but at some point you have to reveal what you have
  • Here's where a feature summary can help
  • Icons increase the scan-ability of this section

Repeat your CTA at the end of your page

  • It's proven to lift conversion!
  • When the visitor reaches the end of your landing page - show your CTA
  • Here's how Tella do it (remember to address doubts again!)