7 video landing page examples that turn visitors into leads

Video is a powerhouse of internet experiences; it tells a story quickly and drives landing page conversions. Here are 7 examples of that.

7 video landing page examples that turn visitors into leads
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The landing page is a great tool to pass information to a wide audience quickly, and even more so when it's combined with the power of video (I'll share some examples in this article).

Memorable videos are extraordinarily resourceful components of your marketing strategy, and there isn’t any place more effective for them than a landing page.

Why use video on your landing page

When you use video effectively on your landing page, you are increasing your chances of success in generating new leads and potentially turning them into customers.

inline cta in video from kiflo using wistia tool on landing page
Call-to-actions can be embedded directly into videos today

People love to watch videos because of how engaging they are compared to plain text. But to be effective in a business environment, it needs to be short and to the point.

Well-produced videos trigger stronger emotional responses closely tied to buying behavior. This is the kind of an environment that increases your chances of making a sale significantly.

Leveraging video as a lead generation tool

Over 80% of marketers believe that video is a key element of a lead generation strategy. Perhaps most compelling of all, search engines have demonstrated a tendency to favor videos to other types of web content, meaning that Google is surfacing more and more of them.

This means that video combines both a strong distribution effect as well as a strong emotional response from the viewer, giving you the best of both worlds.

Placing a video on your landing page will strongly influence its search performance and land you more leads than ever.

How video performs compared to static visuals

Studies show that people spend over twice as long on a page with video than without, and the higher the quality, the more likely you are to benefit from positive SEO reinforcement like natural backlinks from other websites, only further augmenting your lead generation efforts.

Still, some companies continue to rely on static images because they believe video is too expensive, too time-consuming or they still hold onto certain myths surrounding video.

Video ads have one remarkable advantage over static image ads – the message is more clearly communicated and retained.

Video ads have one remarkable advantage over static image ads – the message is more clearly communicated and retained in a video because of its visual nature.

In fact, 95% of a message that consumers see in a video remains with them. You can’t pull that off using a static image and an accompanying 2-or-3 paragraph description.

7 landing pages that use video to convert leads

Video advertising is expected to dominate the next decade. The simplicity and directness of a landing page is the perfect combination for this marketing tool.

Here are 7 landing pages that apply video marketing concepts so well that I had to share them with you:

Video landing page #1: Outbrain.com

video landing page examples outbrain

Outbrain’s video placement is beautifully-done.

As soon as you land on their first page, you know that there's a video waiting for you behind the very noticeable play button on the right side of the screen.

For a company wanting to leverage video marketing as a tool, this is the perfect layout for it; give the person a call-to-action on the left-hand side and a video on the right.

Make the video short enough to not be a waste of time but to the point where it tells the person exactly what the benefits are.

Note that the video doesn't necessarily have to be embedded within the right side of the page, it can simply pop up in a wider screen view and be displayed fully.

The key is to make the video short enough to not be a waste of time for a business person but to the point where it tells the person exactly what the benefits of the product are.

Outbrain hits all of those notes with their landing page.

Video landing page #2: Riverpoolsandspas.com

video landing page examples river pools and spas

River Pools' video strategy is worth the analysis.

The company immediately addresses the elephant in the room by asking the same question that prospects may be asking themselves before submitting a form.

Since the landing page focuses specifically on directing the person to the video, River Side Pool is very effective at guiding the buyer's journey towards their sales process.

The video takes about one minute to describe the process in simple, easy to understand language and viewers leave with a clear understanding.

For lead generation, this video is superb in what it was designed to achieve.

Video landing page #3: Impactplus.com

video landing page examples impact plus

Newsletters are notoriously difficult to pitch as people are inundated with emails day in and day out; the last thing you want is yet another company telling you how to do things, right?

The thing is, newsletters don't have to be that way. They've gathered a reputation of being spammy because most companies use them in that fashion.

Video humanises business.

That's what Impact Plus tackles by giving the visitor immediate social proof that 50k+ real people love the newsletter, and they go as far as having team members explain why.

Video humanises business; we're all used to filling out forms today but we don't see enough people to make it worth the shot. That's what Impact Plus solves with their landing page.

Video landing page #4: Slack

video landing page examples slack

The landing page video strategy used by workplace chat platform Slack is to present viewers with an “explainer” video that touches on key challenges of remote work.

The tagline “Discover a better way of working” followed by a button labeled “Watch Video” is appealing and unobtrusive, making the option of watching the video the next logical course-of-action for the viewers.

Clean, inviting, and very well presented.

Video landing page #5: Rebump

video landing page examples rebump

Perhaps the most confident video landing page in this list.

Rebump's video is very cleverly placed above what is the most desired outcome for sales professionals – “… to get your emails answered.”

That tagline alone will persuade page visitors to watch the video explaining how the company’s product can be used to get more emails answered.

The video is about one minute long and condenses all the product's benefits into a nifty explanation that the viewer can easily retain, with next steps.

This is a marquee example of how video should be utilised on a landing page.

Video landing page #6: Odoo.com

video landing page examples odoo

The enterprise resource management tool Odoo has done an effective job of building a landing page with a video that was designed specifically for lead conversion.

Odoo's tactic is similar to Outbrain's, in that it follows a left to right layout.

Also, the play button is placed right on top of a mockup of the software, giving the visitor an immediate understanding of what's waiting for them in the video; some sort of demo of the software.

When it comes to business tools, people don't want to waste time. They want to quickly know what's being offered that solves their problem.

When it comes to business tools, people don't usually want to waste too much time. They want to know what's being offered in the software that solves a specific problem.

Odoo's strategy is effective at educating new visitors quickly on what the platform can do, making it a great lead generation tool for the company.

Video landing page #7: Panorama9.com

video landing page examples panorama9

Panorama9 is an IT monitoring system for your IT monitoring systems.

That may sound very bland and uninteresting which is why the video the company uses on their landing page is so extraordinary.

In fact, this last entry focuses primarily on the video.

“If you can make them laugh, you can make them buy” is a common maxim in sales lingo, and this video is brilliant at bringing much needed humor to the IT game.

Thanks to its "IT man" storyline, the visitor can identify themselves as the hero who, thanks to the product, is able to solve the main quest and carry onwards with his journey.

squatty potty video marketing strategy landing page example
Sometimes taking risks is just what you need to succeed with video (Source: Squatty Potty)

This type of story-driven video advertisement allows for slightly longer videos while retaining the person's attention.

It's worked extremely well for companies like Squatty Potty, for example.

The reason why I'm putting this last is that it's not easy to pull off, especially if you don't have a lot of resources to put into an animated video or story-driven advertisement.

Adding video to your lead gen strategy

Videos are powerful tools for lead generation but simply posting a catchy video on a landing page and then sitting back hoping it will produce leads is not a prudent strategy.

Your lead generation strategy should include some level of data capture and analysis, whether that be via simple click tracking on Google Analytics or via view tracking on Vimeo.

vimeo landing page video example tool
Use platforms like Vimeo to host and manage your marketing videos

Applying the power of video to your existing efforts means understanding the correct placement for your specific landing page and the message to include in your video.

Originally published Sep 30 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a video on a landing page?

Yes. Videos used on landing pages are an excellent way of explaining the benefits of your product or service in a memorable way and in a short period of time.

How do I make a video landing page?

Clearly establish what the goal(s) of your video landing page will be. Then, determine what type of video you will use - Will it be a testimonial video, a demonstrational video, etc.? Lastly, select the video landing page software. An internet search will yield many software options.

What is a video landing page?

It is a single web page with a short video that is sharply focused on producing a specific call-to-action for consumers and provides them with just the right amount of relevant information so that they eagerly do what the video asks them to do.

How do you write a catchy landing page?

Plan your landing page so it presents only the necessary information in a line or two and promotes action. The simpler your landing page is to understand, the better conversion rate you get. Do not add unnecessary content, only what is needed to move the viewer.