[VIDEO ROAST] Basecamp's SaaS landing page shows how to agitate your visitor

Basecamp's landing page agitates the visitor to drive conversion. By painting a vivid and emotional picture of life on your team with and without Basecamp they're able to turn more visitors into customers. Find out how they do it.

[VIDEO ROAST] Basecamp's SaaS landing page shows how to agitate your visitor

Basecamp uses a proven technique to drive conversion - agitating the visitor. Here's why it works...

The idea is to describe the problem in pained emotional language that evokes an emotional response from the visitor.

The visitor will want to sedate the stress they're feeling - which is why they'll be more open to exploring your solution right then and there.

See how it's done in my Basecamp video roast...

Note! This roast is based on best practice and my first impressions as landing page conversion expert. They are talking points and experiment ideas, rather than guaranteed improvements.

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As you can see there is a lot that is well-executed and considered on the Basecamp landing page: including agitating visitors, usage of testimonials, and annotated product shots.

Consider introducing and testing some of their ideas into your own SaaS landing page. And view more high-converting landing page examples.

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