Free SaaS landing page template

Free SaaS landing page template

If you're building a new SaaS landing page, or refining your own, a SaaS landing page template is a great way to start. Here's my 100% free SaaS landing page template that you can duplicate or copy. It's built in one of my favourite SaaS landing page builders, Typedream.

Why use a landing page template?

My landing page template is based on established conversion best practice. I've personally roasted over 700 SaaS landing pages, and run 100s of conversion experiments. I've added only what you need to get started, and no more. That's why I've named it the Minimalist SaaS template.

What's different with your landing page template?

There are 1,000s of free SaaS landing page templates available online, but unlike others I've focused not on design, but on the key sections to drive conversion. Completing my template will help convert more visitors into signups and customers.

What are the key sections in the landing page template?

The landing page template contains 7 key sections. Here's what they are, and why you need them on your landing page:

  • Hero
  • CTA
  • Testimonials
  • Pain language
  • Product
  • FAQs
  • Re-state CTA

How can I use your landing page template?

You can implement for free. Click this link and press duplicate. This will add the template into a new, free Typedream account where you can edit and publish the template. Alternatively just re-create the template in your tool or tech stack of your choice.

You can learn more about a high-converting landing page anatomy here.