Testimonial examples from leading SaaS pages: Hotjar, Whereby, Podia, Unbounce and Memberstack

Testimonial examples from leading SaaS pages: Hotjar, Whereby, Podia, Unbounce and Memberstack

Turn more visitors into customers using social proof.

Social proof increases your visitors' desire to convert on your landing page - so it's a critical part your landing page anatomy.

To increase social proof on your landing page you can use customer logos, online reviews, expert ratings, case studies, awards, news stories, customer stats, influencer reviews, and directory rankings; but today I want to talk you through the most important form of social proof: the landing page testimonial.

Landing page testimonials from leading SaaS businesses

First, a recent trend is to take one powerful testimonial and showcase it with a customer photo. You can see this on Hotjar, Autopilot, Buffer and Whereby.

Large number of testimonials

Memberstack, Basecamp, Marketing Examples feature an *extremely* large number of testimonials.

Using video testimonials as part of SaaS

Video testimonials are more engaging and allow for longer-form storytelling. See the landing pages of Podia and Pipedrive for great examples of video

Landing pages from different buyer personas

You can increase testimonial relevancy by allowing visitors to filter by use case, or job title, like ChargeBee and Ahrefs.

Improve the scan-ability of your testimonials

Increase scan-ability, drive interest, and focus on USPs by highlighting the most relevant parts of your testimonials. See the Memberstack landing page.

Using real tweets as landing page testimonials

Another trend is to embed public tweet testimonials, like Loom, Live Chat and Notion. These feel more authentic; as tweets are likely to be unsolicited, and are in the customers' own words. You can use a testimonial tool like Senja to collect and import social posts as testimonials.

Testimonial language: quantification of success

Can your customers quantify their outcomes with metrics? This is a really powerful way to demonstrate your product's value. And seen in testimonials featured on the LPs of Unbounce, KissMetrics and Unsquared.

Testimonials from people just like your visitors

Are your testimonials written by people like your potential buyer? Use photos, job titles and companies to clearly demonstrate this. Take inspiration from Figma Design and Lemlist.

A testimonial-free zone

There were also some leading startups who didn't include testimonials on their homepage. Hubspot, Mailchimp and Wistia didn't feature any LP testimonials.

Freeagent didn't feature customer testimonials but demonstrated strong social proof by including awards and customer ratings on Trustpilot.

Short, focused testimonials

Finally, it's critical to keep them short. Visitors are scanning your landing page. Keep your testimonials short and focused on your USP. See Marketing Examples, GoCardless and Perkbox.

Customer testimonials are critical to increase landing page conversion. By looking at the landing pages of leading SaaS landing pages you can take inspiration. Hopefully this post has given you some ideas for this critical section of your startup's landing page.

How can I collect testimonials?

Use testimonial collection software like Senja.io.