Warning! This post discusses a highly-addictive marketing technique.

When reviewing your landing page performance, the more data points the better. We've discussed landing page metrics, exit intent, and landing page conversion killers. Today let's discuss Screen Recordings (also known as Session Recordings, Visitor Recording, and Replay Tools) - using software to capture and re-watch the exact journey a visitor takes through your website.

These tools traditionally capture the visitors' mouse movements, scrolling, clicks, page views (journeys), and keyboard strokes.

There are several tools on the market that allow you track visitors through your site, and today I am going to share the 5 I currently recommend.

When reviewing your landing page's visitor sessions here are some things to look out for:

  • Identify how your visitors are navigating from page to page
  • Look for weird mouse activity like rage clicking
  • Find what content your visitors pause on
  • Find what content visitors leave on
  • Look out for display, loading issues and bugs on your pages and screens

Tools to try

Hotjar: Website Heatmaps & Behavior Analytics Tools
See how visitors are really using your website, collect user feedback and turn more visitors into customers.
Crazy Egg Website — Optimization | Heatmaps & A/B Testing
See what’s hot and what’s not, and to know what your web visitors are doing with tools, such as heatmaps, recordings, A/B testing & more.
FullStory: Build a More Perfect Digital Experience | FullStory
FullStory’s intuitive digital experience analytics provide you with key qualitative and quantitative insights so you can drive high-impact digital improvements.
Analyze Visitors with Session Recording | VWO Insights
Session recordings, part of VWO Insights, helps you analyze the sessions of your website visitors, through real-time recordings & replays.
Microsoft Clarity - Free Heatmaps & Session Recordings
Clarity is a free user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand how users are interacting with your website through session replays and heatmaps.